Tuesday, December 6, 2011

MOD | Remappable Dock Icons

These are MetaMorph themes. All Swag = ON ROMs have the ability to "map" the personalize key (by default the fancy plus icon or painter's palette at the bottom right of the home screen). Go to the app drawer > LaunchKey > then select an app of your choice. To add a bit more personalization, I have taken the liberty of throwing together some customized icons for the personalize key.

REMEMBER: It is up to you to change where the personalize key takes you, this will only change the "personalize button" icon.

For tips on how to install MetaMorph themes, check out this post.

Last thing: This is a MetaMorph theme. It will be removed after a .zip is flashed. MetaMorph themes should be added last when modifying the appearance of your Swagged Out EVO.

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