Thursday, December 8, 2011

MOD | Dock Colors

These themes have not been updated for ICE CREAM SWAG or SWAG FLU H1N1 (v1. - when they are updated, this message will disappear

These are now flashable .zip themes. Ever get bored of seeing the same dock on the bottom of your homescreen, let's make life a little more colorful! Note: These will only change the color of your dock (and the layout if applicable)! Features a themed dock, semi-transparent app drawer, and app icon text bubbles removed.

Note: All of these are direct downloads (no MultiUpload required).

Two things you need to know before flashing:

1. You may lose your Google (and Facebook and Twitter) and any other synced account after flashing this. That's what happens when you flash a new This can be avoided by flashing your favorite mods during ROM installation. But, honestly, this takes 30 seconds to fix: Settings > Accounts & Sync.

2. Your lock screen bar will switch back to the v1.9.0.8 default (for Nostalgic Docks) or the color of the theme (for SNAP BACK SWAG and SWAG FLU Docks). I'm sorry, but if you go and flash your desired MetaMorph under *Lock Bars* (after flashing the *Dock Colors* theme) then you will have your new dock and your favorite lock bar together. Again, inconvenient, but takes about one minute to solve.

Be sure to install your favorite *Remappable Right Button Icon* MetaMorph after flashing your favorite dock.


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