Monday, December 5, 2011

MOD | Lock Screen Bars

hese are MetaMorph themes.
Ever get bored of seeing the same ol' Swag on your EVO?

Make your lock screen bar even cooler. Or, hey, maybe you're bringing it back to stock. Features a themed lock screen bar only.

These themes are compatible with all versions of Swagged Out Stock.

SWAG FLU Lock Bars
"Stock" | Blue | Dark Blue | Green
Orange | Pink | Purple | Red | Yellow

Nostalgic Lock Bars
Nostalgic | HTC | Carbon Fiber
EViO | Floating | Transparent

Screenshots for every theme after the break (except the SWAG FLU lock bars, their screenshots can be seen here). If you are using the SOS App, click "See original story" to access the download links and screenshots.

Installation instructions can be found here, under How to use MetaMorph (themes, add-ons).

Remember: This is a MetaMorph theme. It will be removed after a .zip is flashed. MetaMorph themes should be added last when modifying the appearance of your Swagged Out EVO.



Carbon Fiber




All mods were created or packaged by Team Swag. If you would like to use/modify our work, shoot us an email or hit up the XDA thread.

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